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Wholesale Tobacco Vape Juice

Wholesale Tobacco Vape Juice E-liquid

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Wholesale Hemp CBD Oil

Wholesale Vape Juice Supplements

Wholesale Vape Juice E-liquid Supplements


Premium Natural Tobacco Vape Juice

Your current tobacco vape juice brands sell, but you know that you have captured less than 1% of the adult cigarette smokers in the region. You may have set up your shop with the flavor vape juice market in mind and forgot about actual adult cigarette smokers. In addition, a local ban on  flavors has come your way or is coming soon. The obvious question is how to navigate this landscape while still growing your business, and capture more adult cigarette smokers to become former cigarette smokers and loyal customers. The answer is simple. Give them something they already know and love; offer adult smokers something made with them in mind, something that not only provides for the pleasure principle but also something made specifically for the adult cigarette smoker, something they are already familiar with: A line of true tobacco blends, scientifically formulated to be similar to the cigarette brands they are loyal to.

Our focus.

Partner up directly with one of the longest standing 100% Made In The USA (100% means actually made in the USA) manufacturers with over 10 years experience that specializes in the adult cigarette smoker market.

Whereas most vape shop distributors push various brands and the latest, newest fad flavors with no particular attention to the adult customer market, our whole focus is on the acquisition and retention of loyal adult customers who demand a high quality product.

Adults want products designed to address their concerns, established habits, appeal to their distinguished palate, and that rises to their highest standards.

Simply put, our focus is on helping the adults who are not chasing the fads, rather they truly seek relief.

wholesale vape juice cigarette vapor cigarette flavors

Tobacco Vape Juice Wholesale

Scientifically formulated with the actual profiles of the most popular traditional cigarettes.
With seven levels of USA Made Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine.

max vg vg only vape juice wholesale big clouds distribution

Max VG VG Only Wholesale

Inspired by actual World Class Master Chefs for the most discerning palate. Dessert flavors with big clouds and big flavor with no synthetics and all natural flavors.

wholesale vape juice supplements wholesale b2b usa made

Wholesale Vape Juice Supplements

Not your typical crash and burn caffeine infused vape juice. Scientifically formulated by Ph.D. Chemists for a natural and synthetic free supplement experience.

A THC and CBD free alternative.

wholesale cbd tincture wholesale hemp cbd oil

Wholesale CBD Oil

Not CBD Isolate.

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture with the required compounds needed for actual results such as Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids and more. Extracted from USA Made Hemp Flower.


Vape Juice and CBD Brands

Established in 2009. True Pioneers in Critical Fluid Extraction.

wholesale usa made tobacco vape juice vapor cigarette experts

Worlds Finest Vapors

Natural Tobacco Flavors and More

wholesale usa made vg only vape juice max vg vapor liquid

The Master Chef Collection

Max VG VG Only vape juice Elegance

wholesale vapor supplements energy relax focus vape juice liquids


Vape Juice Supplements. Energy, Relax and Focus

wholesale CBD Tincture Hemp Flower wholesale CBD Hemp Products

DNA Hemp Company

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Natural Hemp Flower Strength and Purity


Wholesale Vape Juice Product Detail

100% USA Made | All Natural Ingredients | Highest Purity Grades | FDA Registered


100% Made In USA

All of our products are 100% USA made.

Our products do not cross any oceans to get to the front door of your shop.

Not a single one of these products ever had to travel or catch a ride on an overseas container ship. The bottles, labels, ingredients, employees, everything is 100% USA sourced and based.


All Natural Ingredients

There is another way.

The vape juice market is riddled with blends that burn through atomizer heads, give you headaches, allergic reactions and more. Why not trust actual science and offer your customers a full spectrum proper experience. Natural flavor extracts, Pharmaceutical Grade PG/VG purity with no synthetics or fillers.


Pharmaceutical Grade

The most important element for the adult vape juice consumer is proper nicotine that works. Pharmaceutical grade nicotine is similar to what is found in nicotine patches and gums.
wholesale vape juice vapor liquids demand usa made purity

FDA Registered

Established in 2009, long before the FDA imposed new product market freeze in August 2016. All products have the required FDA TN’s, Certificates of Analysis, Child Proof, Tamper Evident, Lot Number Quality Controls and more.
FDA registered legally for sale wholesale vape juice

Wholesale Vape and CBD Packages

For select approved brick and mortar retail vape shops. Must present valid reseller permit.

Small Shop Starter

  • 5 x 30ML Tobacco
  • 5 x Max VG VG Only
  • 1 x 500MG CBD
  • Secure Ordering
  • Free Shipping
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Same Day Shipping

Medium Shop Starter

  • 10 x 30ML Tobacco
  • 3 x 50ML Tobacco
  • 3 x Supplements
  • 1 x 500MG CBD
  • 1 x 1000MG CBD
  • Free Shipping
  • 24/7 Email Support

Large Shop Starter

  • 20 x 30ML Tobacco
  • 5 x 50ML Tobacco
  • 5 x Supplements
  • 1 x 500MG CBD
  • 1 x 1000MG CBD
  • 1 x 2000MG CBD
  • Account Manager
About us

Lower minimum order quantities in effort to keep more vape shops open.

The standard vape shop distribution model was great ten years ago. Unfortunately, most vape juice distributors have yet to evolve to sustain and serve the adult cigarette smoker. This is why online sales for tobacco vape juice is booming. Adult cigarette smokers turned vapers are the most loyal customers of them all. We have had adult retail customers for over 10 years. It is our high retention rate that allows for a special program like this.

Vapor Supply Company

Veteran Owned and Operated


Why Manufacturer Direct?

We understand your vape shop needs, we have retail vape customers too.

vape juice vape shop business growth eliquid industry growth
The vapor industry has been in full swing for over 10 years (2009), yet there are still adult cigarette smokers that call us daily to say that they cant find what they want in their local vape shop. Capture a new revenue stream that has been there this whole time.
usa vape juice manufacturer with unlimited capacity
Proper Manufacturers are only limited by the demand on the production line on any given day. If you have a massive quantity order we will dedicate the production line to you. You will receive your order in 7 days or less.
special wholesale vape juice packages for small vape shops

Our products are working for you? Great! We knew they would. Once you surpass the small quantities on our special wholesale vapor / cbd packages we will be right here to work with you on your larger custom orders.

Start your journey with us now

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We understand your need for speed. Contact us and we will call or return your email quickly.

Now that you are ready to conquer the enormous adult cigarette smoker market and take control of your own destiny, partner directly with a leading manufacturer that has made a science of helping adult cigarette smokers make the switch.

Here for you

Use the contact form and email us 24/7. We are here to support the small business owner; the entire reason this special program was created.

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